【Belly dance & workout】 30 mins.

Shimmy fights your fat

Shimmy it’s a movement of belly dance. There have a lot of different types of shimmy depends on the body part and technique. Chest shimmy is a shaking of the upper body, hips shimmy it’s shaking of the hips, etc.

Shimmy has very good side effects: cardio training, burning calories and fat, massage of internal organs, lymphatic drainage.  

If you have a pedometer you might be interested to check how many steps can be covered by doing few minutes of shimmy!


Femininity and belly dance

The movement of belly dance is aimed at the development of femininity, which in same time contributes to an increase in self-confident. Gait, manners of movement become elegant, smooth and soft. Many women report that after the start of belly dance classes their psychological state been harmonized and balanced. In addition, taste preferences in fashion and understanding of beauty change for the better.

Femininity and belly dance
Correct posture

Correct posture

Belly dance helps to develop absolutely correct and healthy posture. From the head to the feet, every small detail is been set up to help your body build the correct posture. A straight neck and an elongated nape ensure an even and sufficient blood supply to the brain. Easy rolling of the pelvis inward removes excessive deflection in the lower back and the tension that it creates. Placing the feet under the shoulders also contributes to a healthy posture

Baladi is an Egyptian folk dance

Baladi is an Egyptian folk dance that has been danced since the beginning of the 20th century.  This sensual feminine dance with heavy hip hits.  In baladi there is a special emphasis on femininity, accents with hips, belly, playing with hands.  This dance was danced in all the villages of Egypt and was mostly women for women and of course, it was danced barefoot.  In the baladi, as a rule, there is an instrumental introduction (very often you can hear the accordion and darbuka), which is called taqsim, where the dancer and musicians usually improvise.  Typically, a baladi costume is a long dress that covers the belly.  There may be cuts on the sides, tie a scarf on the hips and head.

 Baladi rhythm:

 The basic structure of this rhythm, played on the darbuka, is as follows:

 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & D-D — T-D — T–


Baladi is an Egyptian folk dance
Solo tabla

Solo tabla at the moment is a separate direction in belly dance

Solo tabla at the moment is a separate direction in belly dance where the dancer accompanies the drummer playing the darbuka.  To perform a solo tabla, you need to be technically prepared, understand the rhythms, be able to quickly switch the movements, have artistic skills.  It is very important that the dancer emphasizes all the important accents that the drummer plays, can easy and fast change the amplitude of movement and speed.  It is very important not to make a mistake in the rhythms!  If at the moment the drummer is playing the rhythm of the khaliji, then the dancer must definitely emphasize the characteristic movements from this direction, corresponding to this rhythm, etc.